Why are Titanium Products so Popular?

Why are Titanium Products so Popular?

The surface of pure titanium products has a dense oxide film, which can adapt well to various environments at room temperature, so the pure titanium kettle has strong corrosion resistance without

In the face of the weak acid or alkali environment outside, the pure titanium kettle can cope with it freely. No matter water or rain, mountain rock or vegetation, the pure titanium kettle can directly contact with it without being corroded. As the entire body is not painted, the kettle presents a unique grey titanium product, which can also be directly heated on the fire.

The cover of the kettle can be made of pure titanium or rubber. Considering the corrosion resistance and health of the product, the cover of pure titanium is better. Pure titanium products are completely harmless to the human body, so it’s okay to use pure titanium containers to heat water and food. The single layer of pure titanium kettle does not have the function of thermal insulation, which is suitable for use below the snow line. The kettle with the pure titanium pot cover can be heated directly without tightening so that the water quality can be better guaranteed.

pure titanium kettle
Pure Titanium Kettle

Titanium is less dense than traditional stainless steel, and a 550ml titanium kettle weighs only 99g, while a stainless steel kettle of the same size weighs about twice as much as a pure titanium kettle. Lighter gear tends to mean higher efficiency during travel, and applying pure titanium products to outdoor activities can be a great way to lighten the load on the traveler. Pure titanium is strong, comparable to stainless steel and much better than lightweight aluminum. The collision was unavoidable during the climbing, and the kettle was still intact even though it fell to the stone. In some special cases, pure titanium water bottles can even be used as a support for the emergency.

Titanium alloy is the only metal that has the least damage to the human body. It is exactly because of the least damage to the human body, and then it is used as the implant material for human joints and bones.

In 2005, Japan invented a high-tech toothbrush with a titanium tube inside to absorb light and produce negative ions. When used, the stubborn cigarette and coffee can be cleaned without the use of toothpaste on the brush head, so that users can keep their teeth white and breath fresh for a long time. Clinical trials have shown that this environmentally friendly toothbrush has a better tooth cleaning performance than ordinary toothbrushes and electric toothbrushes. The key lies in the titanium bar connecting the toothbrush rod and the brush head, which can convert light into negative ion energy. When the toothbrush is in contact with the teeth, the negative ions attract the positive ions, tartar and stains disintegrate at the molecular level. After use, no gargling is required, and the removable extra fine brush head is guaranteed to penetrate deeply into each tooth.

Titanium Toothbrush
Titanium Toothbrush

Titanium’s excellent biocompatibility is completely non-toxic, harmless and non-allergic to the human body, and the oxide film formed by anodizing treatment on its surface has the antibacterial effect. It is not only light, strong, corrosion-resistant but also easy to disinfect at high temperature. Therefore, titanium alloys are made into many household items.

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