What’s Unique About Titanium?

What’s Unique About Titanium?

We may often hear about the use of titanium in a high precision field in some news reports, especially in medical devices, aerospace, sports goods, precision products and so on. What’s unique about titanium?


Titanium is a chemical element discovered by British chemist Gregor in 1791 when he studied ilmenite and rutile. Four years later, a German chemist named Klaproth also discovered the element in his analysis of Hungarian red rutile, and he advocated using the name Titanic, the Greek mythological Titan, to name the new element Titanium.

Unique physical and chemical properties

Titanium metal has a series of excellent properties, such as low density, high specific strength, good corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, no toxicity, no magnetism, good biocompatibility, and strong surface decoration, etc. It is a corrosion-resistant structural material with lightness and high strength.

Titanium is biologically friendly, and it is resistant to secretion corrosion in the body and non-toxic, which is suitable for any sterilization method. Therefore, it is widely used in making medical instruments, such as artificial hip, knee, shoulder, hip, cranium, active heart valve and bone fixation clip.

Stainless steel bone grafts were commonly used before titanium was widely used. However, there is a drawback to using stainless steel, which is very painful to take out the stainless steel sheet after the bone is healed. Otherwise, stainless steel will cause harm to the human body due to rust. The replacement of the titanium skeleton would revolutionize orthopedic technology. Using a titanium sheet and a titanium screw where the bone is damaged, and the bone will grow back into the holes and screws of the titanium sheet within a few months, and the new muscle fibers will be wrapped around the sheet. The titanium skeleton acts like a real skeleton to support and reinforce the flesh.


Applications in the aerospace field

Titanium is an ideal material for aircraft manufacture. Aircraft engines, bullet-proof parts, reinforcement parts, reinforcement parts, turboshafts, turbine disks, nozzle etc. are mostly made of titanium alloy materials, which is mainly due to the good heat resistance of titanium metal.

The wings temperature of supersonic aircraft flight can reach 500 ℃ when it is in flight. If you make a wing out of aluminum, it’s not going to be able to survive a temperature of one to two or three hundred degrees. So instead of aluminum, there has to be a light, tough, heat-resistant material, and titanium can meet those requirements. Besides that, titanium also withstands tests of more than minus 100 degrees, and it still has good toughness without brittleness at this low temperature.

The new dark horse in the jewelry field

Low density is one of the most important reasons why titanium can be used as a dark horse for high-quality jewelry. At the same volume, titanium weighs only about a quarter as much as conventional precious metals. Titanium can easily be used for high-end jewelry with a larger surface area and more decorative and visual impact, and the lightness of which doesn’t make it a burden to wear such fine jewelry.

Titanium jewelry

Compared with traditional precious metals, titanium metal has deeply captured the hearts of jewelry masters with its colorful features. The coloring principle of titanium is different from that of traditional precious metals since it is changed by electrolysis. Tinted in this way, titanium is rich in colors ranging from white to dark green, purple to black.

As mentioned before, titanium metal has a strong pro-biological quality, which makes it the best material for jewelry that also has direct contact with the body. The metal allergy that afflicts many people is not a problem in titanium.

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