Optical Properties of Lanthanum Titanate Evaporation Films

Optical Properties of Lanthanum Titanate Evaporation Films

In the field of thin-film technology, coating materials with low loss absorption, excellent mechanical properties, easy preparation, and stable performance have always been the materials of choice for process and designers. The lanthanum titanate film shows incomparable superior performance in this respect. Lanthanum titanate evaporation materials are important materials for lanthanum titanate film manufacturing.

Lanthanum titanate evaporation materials

The lanthanum titanate crystal La2Ti2O7 belongs to the monoclinic system and has a perovskite-like structure. The space group at room temperature is P21. Lanthanum titanate crystals have good ferroelectric, photocatalytic, and electro-optical characteristics, and have a wide range of application prospects in the fields of light and electricity. It has a very high Curie temperature (1500 ) and a large coercive field (45kV / cm), which can be applied to high-temperature electro-optical equipment and information storage, such as high-temperature inverters, ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM), etc.

Lanthanum titanate crystals have excellent photocatalytic activity and have good application prospects in water decomposition reactions, fuel cells and other energy conversion technologies. Studies have shown that lanthanum titanate thin films have good process stability. Whether at room temperature or under heating deposition, or no matter how much oxygen is charged (or not oxygenated) during evaporation, the refractive index of the evaporation beam is not changed. And the extinction coefficient is extremely small, and the laser damage threshold is stable.

Lanthanum titanate thin film materials are used in the manufacture of optoelectronic devices, such as display technology, imaging technology, light output and light integrated devices. This material has a stable high refractive index, high homogeneity, and high transmittance. At present, lanthanum titanate crystals have been widely used as coating materials in the manufacture of high-performance photovoltaic devices. In view of the excellent properties of lanthanum titanate thin film with low loss absorption, easy preparation and stable performance, it can be used as an excellent coating material for laser thin film preparation.

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