Application of Titanium in Agriculture

Application of Titanium in Agriculture

Titanium is a beneficial element to plants, which refers to elements that promote the growth and development of plants. At present, most scholars believe that beneficial elements that have a good effect on plant growth and development are: silicon, titanium, cobalt, vanadium and the like. Beneficial elements related to animal nutrition and health are cobalt and selenium.

Titanium is a chemical element. It appear in the soil and titanium in plant organs, but in small quantities. According to the reaction of titanium to crop growth, many experiments have consistently proved that titanium has a stimulating and promoting effect on plant growth, and the yield increase effect is very significant. Therefore, they believe that it is a matter of course to treat titanium as a beneficial element, and it is also realistic.

titanium fertilizer

Titanium is found in both soil and plants. The use of titanium by agriculture is mainly due to its increased production:

1 Titanium can increase the chlorophyll content in leaves and improve photosynthetic efficiency;

2 Increase the activity of various enzymes in plants;

3 Promote the absorption of soil nutrients by plants;

4 Improve the stress resistance of crops;

5 Improve plant quality.

Characteristics of titanium-containing water soluble fertilizer:

1 Wide range of use;

2 Easy to use;

3 The increase in production is large;

4 Economic benefits;

5 Titanium is a variable element.

titanium for agriculture

In general, the agricultural use of titanium is promising. In addition to titanium, titanium metal is also used in agricultural equipment, mainly thanks to its:

1 Low density and light weight;

2 Low thermal conductivity;

3 Non-magnetic;

4 Strong corrosion resistance;

5 High hardness.

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