Advantages of the Titanium Film Sounding Unit

Advantages of the Titanium Film Sounding Unit

Titanium is a metallic element, gray, with an atomic number of 22 and a relative atomic mass of 47.87. It can be burned in nitrogen and has a high melting point. Titanium and titanium-based alloys are new structural materials used primarily in the aerospace and marine industries.

Titanium also has many outstanding features: such as low density, high specific strength, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, strong damping resistance, non-magnetic, non-toxic, strong tensile strength and its yield strength, heat transfer Good performance, low modulus of elasticity, and inspiratory performance.

From the audio design, titanium’s anti-damping properties, high heat and low temperature resistance, non-magnetic, non-toxic characteristics make it especially suitable for advanced speaker design.

Voice advantages:

The titanium unit sound has ideal transient and dynamic properties, and has a good analytical line surface, and has excellent balance. The sound field can be developed with extremely high expansion.

Manufacturing Process:

The titanium sound unit has high requirements on the process. Generally, the rough process cannot produce a good acoustic unit or diaphragm. And the design of the new titanium product has higher requirements on thickness and purity of titanium, especially in The ductility and rigidity control of the titanium unit.

titanium sound unit

Titanium is a metal element, and therefore, in addition to its excellent metal characteristics, it also has the problem of excessive rigidity. However, when titanium is used to design a unit or a diaphragm, it is often easy to use a conventional design and ignore the control of its rigidity. But with the advancement of the times and experience, people have further refined the titanium content as well as the purity and process.

Titanium cost:

In terms of the raw material price of titanium, high-purity titanium units or titanium diaphragms are more expensive than general materials, especially those of conventional paper or plastic and aluminum. At present, the market price of titanium ingot is 13,800/ton, while the finished product of mainstream aluminum ingot is only 2,300/ton. It can be seen that the development of titanium diaphragm is quite difficult, and the more successful manufacturers of titanium diaphragm in the world also have JBL, British KEF, and etc.

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